Aunty Nephews Accidently sex

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Aunty & 2 Nephews Accident

Sarah was a nurse and with Blonde hair always tied up in a pony tail, and sexy figure, she was always being stared at by men and women, she was a propper head turner.One particular…Accidently sex Aunty Nephews

Sarah was a nurse and with Blonde hair always tied up in a ponytail, and a sexy figure, she was always being stared at by men and women, she was a proper head-turner.
One particular night her two nephews Mike (18) and Rob (20) came around with their PlayStation so we could start the weekend playing a football tournament, we were well into playing the game when in walked Sarah from work, she sighed and thrust herself into the first available seat and said what a day, my feet are aching, she then turned to Rob and Mike and asked how they were and how long they’d been here, etc, before saying I fancy a large glass of wine, to which I got up and duly went to the kitchen to get her a glass. Upon entering the room Sarah had asked Mike if he would rub her feet and he replied of course, holding Sarah’s foot in his hand he was staring at her black nylons and didn’t even hear me ask him if he wanted a drink, when he did answer he was a little tongue-tied.
Me and Rob then continued to play the football game, after a minute or so I heard Sarah say your hands are good my feet are feeling better, but how are you on backs, to that I heard her say, I’ve got to get changed come upstairs and just massage my shoulders and back and to that I looked up quickly and saw them both head off upstairs. The football game went on for another 10 minutes or so before I won 3-1 if you are interested to know that information. I got up and went to the bottom of the stairs and shouted up what would you like for dinner, Sarah replied in a very relaxing voice anything, I turned around and Rob said he wanted the bathroom, so he went up the stairs and I went into the kitchen, not knowing what to do I thought it would be easier to order a take away so I set off upstairs to ask what they all wanted, but as I got to the top and walked up to our bedroom door, I heard Sarah murmering and moaning I put my hand on the door and pushed it open and saw Sarah laid face down on the bed still in here nurses uniform but half way up her body revealing her black sexy suspenders and knickers she always wore, yes even to work as Sarah always wanted to feel sexy as that helped her get through the day, I often used to say I bet your male patients love it when you are on and her reply was yes, most of them are randy only men that would always rub or hold her waist or tops of her legs when she was giving them bed baths etc.
Anyway back to the story, Sarah was laid there showing everyone what she was wearing, and Mike was massaging her feet up her legs and inner thighs and into her now juicy cunt as I heard the sighs as his fingers entered her, this went on for several minutes before she turned around and said that’s it for now let me go and take a shower, you order the food and you two pointing to Rob and Mike get on the phone to your mum if you want to stay over otherwise you’d better be going.
30 minutes or so later Sarah came down stairs wrapped in her 3/4 length dressing gown showing her sexy legs which she had a fresh pair of black stocking on because when she sat down that shorter dressing gown soon revealed her sexy stocking clad thighs. The food arrived and after an hour or so and plenty of drink, the dressing gown was on the living room floor and she was sitting backwards onto our kness and then sliding back onto our now erect cocks, Mike couldn’t resist and soon grabbed her and put his hands onto her breasts squeezing and pulling them our over her cupped bra, Rob when into suck on her erect nipples and then we moved the coofee table out of the way and I watched both Rob and Mike take turns fucking her til then she wanted spit roasting, they both came over her face within seconds of each other and I soon followed, we all got cleaned up and put a film onto watch, surprisingly that never happened again with Rob and Mike, that shame of having sex with her nephews played on her mind so she just kept it to friends and strangers as if that in the real world was ok, but this was how things were back in the day, thanks for reading.

Accidently sex Aunty Nephews,

Aunty Nephews, Accidently sex

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