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What happens to women who sell sex? Report of a unique

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What happens to women who sell sex? Report of a unique

lets know about this facts – What happens to women who sell sex? Report of a unique The majority (73/124, 59%) were still within the sex business and had oversubscribed sex for a mean of 13.6 years. there have been six deaths,

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a mortality of 4.8 per one thousand person years. extant ladies had a high accumulative risk (110 of 118, 93%) of STI. Past gonorrhea was related to girdle disease (RR 2.28, 95% CI 1.12 to 4.66) and sterility (RR 10.9, 95% CI 1.5 to 77.3).

alternative outcomes enclosed mental state issues (38 of 97, 40%) and addiction (46 of 72, 64%). There were no vital variations in health outcomes between ladies who were still within the sex business and people who had stopped.

There was a high level of activity mobility, and thirty one women (of 84, 37%) had completed occupation or higher education, together with eight to postgraduate level.

What happens to women who sell sex

women’s rights.1 Responses vary from repression, particularly of sex staff, to easement and decriminalization. Most policy debates share the premise that the sex trade is harmful to participants; its workers are thought-about to be socially excluded and vulnerable.

This belief underpins recent policy changes within the United Kingdom.2,3 One key a part of government proposals is to emphasize “exiting”

strategies—mechanisms for helping individuals leave the trade and become reintegrated into society. very little is understood regarding the long run impact.

In common with others, we’ve got conducted short term studies and located that sex staff within the UK face enhanced risks

seven additionally to infection risks, some studies have known psychological morbidity as a standard outcome in the short term.

eight Few long run studies are conducted since sex work is wide thought-about a transient occupation and long term follow up problematic.

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