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Lacey Wildd

Lacey Wildd was born on April 23, 1968, in Montgomery, West Virginia, USA. Lacey Wildd is a reality television and movie occasional actress, and former model best known for her several breast augmentations and implants, which have resulted in her breasts reaching extraordinarily big sizes. She has been on various television shows, including “True Life.”

The Net Worth of Lacey Wildd:

Lacey Wildd’s net worth is believed to be more than $100,000 as of mid-2020, achieved via success in her many pursuits. Her employment on television has earned her a lot of money, but she has also spent a lot of money to augment and maintain her breast size.
She’s also had work done on other portions of her body.

Lacey Wildd: Early Life

Lacey Wildd was up in West Virginia and spent most of her childhood without much attention, but she frequently got into trouble or had accidents — she fell into a well and has had other near-death situations that she has never disclosed. One specific incident she had was a sensation she shouldn’t get into a car, which turned out to be a smart decision because the automobile was engaged in a crash later that day.

Lacey Wildd became involved in a romance and became pregnant at the age of 16, prompting her to marry at such a young age.

She had two children, but five years later she divorced. When she became alone, she realized she needed to work to help support the children, so she became a waitress. She also altered Lacey Wildd hair colour and began thinking about breast augmentation surgery, which she had always considered. While the specifics of her breast surgery are unknown, she thought that her A cup was too small for her.

Breast Augmentation and Other Procedures

Lacey Wildd used some of her profits to get breast augmentation surgery, which increased her size from an A cup to a B cup.

Some people have augmentation surgery, then find they can do more, and begin to consider a Barbie look. She wanted to be an adult Barbie, but an extreme one, so she had her buttocks enlarged, her nose slimmed, and her eyes widened, among other things.

However, the major thing she worked on was her breasts, as she continued to grow in size, accounting for more than a third of her 36 plastic surgery surgeries. She has spent over a million dollars for breast augmentation to date and is currently credited with having a QQQ Cup, a size that is nearly impossible to achieve natively.

Her breast size has gotten her a lot of attention, as well as a lot of scepticism from people who don’t believe in plastic surgery.
Nonetheless, she immediately became a celebrity due to her breast size and other augmentations, which were the focus of multiple reality shows. In 2014, she declared that she was aiming for a QQQ cup size, which sparked yet another round of criticism.

Lacey Wildd: Appearances on Television

Lacey Wildd’s breast size has given her opportunities to participate in minor roles in films, the first of which was in the independent film “Dr Ice.” Later in her career, she would appear in “Blonde Squad” and “Beauty and the Beholder,” mostly in B-movies and never gaining mainstream attention for her acting.
Her notoriety skyrocketed in 2011 when she appeared in an episode of “True Life” – the documentary series explores a certain theme, frequently related to addiction or concerns involving sex, money, or drugs, and has won multiple accolades over the years.

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She’s been on countless shows since then, including “20/20,” “ABC News,” and “Dr Drew,” where she discussed her augmentation story and argued her addiction to plastic surgery. In 2014, she was featured in “My Strange Addiction,” another documentary series that features people who exhibit bizarre behaviour related to their beliefs or personal interests, which often leads to ritualistic or compulsive behaviour.
One of her most recent appearances came in the same year, in an episode of “Botched,” a reality show that examines various plastic surgery treatments gone bad.

Recent Attempts

Lacey Wildd persisted with her cup surgery, however, there wasn’t much attention paid to it after her declaration, save from some discussion regarding the surgery’s risk. Because no doctor in the United States would back her action, she was forced to travel to Brazil for medical consultations. She had pig skin sewn into her abdomen to support her enormous breasts due to their size and weight. Lacey Wildd also underwent internal bra surgery in order to have something to support the weight of her augmentations.

She must sleep at a 30-degree angle or risk being suffocated by her breasts, which weigh around 21 kg when combined. She expresses the sensation that she has guitar strings in her body that support her breasts. Despite the obvious hazards and dangers, she does not appear to be concerned. In 2016, she launched Ghostbusty, a psychic consultation service out of her house. She attributes her psychic powers to odd or near-death events she had as a youngster, but Lacey Wildd believes her breast journey brought her to her current field of work.

Personal Existence

Lacey Wildd has six children from various relationships, although she is still unmarried. She has not remarried after her first marriage and divorce, as evidenced by the fact that her ex-boyfriend was one of those who pushed her to start her present psychic company. Her children have been featured on television,

and they admit that their lives have been dominated by the media’s fascination with their mother’s boobs. Her children, for the most part, do not believe in mom plastic surgery upgrades, and when they look at old images of her, they believe she was much prettier back then.

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