Adriana De Moura – Net Worth 2022, Salary, Age, Bio, Family, Career, Wiki

Adriana De Moura - Net Worth 2022, Salary, Age, Bio, Family, Career, Wiki

Adriana De Moura was born in Brazil on November 26, 1965. Her family was not particularly wealthy when she was a child, so she wasn’t spoon-fed all of her hard-earned wealth. In fact, she had a traumatic upbringing after her father abandoned her after cheating on her mother. Things have improved since then, and Adriana De Moura’s husband, Frederic Marq, has remained with her for the past seven years.

What is the Net Worth of Adriana De Moura?

Adriana De Moura is a model and a reality television actor with a lot of talent. That helps to explain her well-deserved fame and fortune. She has continually worked to establish a positive reputation in the entertainment industry. Adriana De Moura’s net worth is projected to be $10 million, thanks to her lucrative activities in the television and modeling industries, as previously stated.

Income from Television

Adriana De Moura’s earnings can be attributed to her role as one of the cast members of Bravo’s phenomenally famous show, The Real Housewives of Miami. She succeeded to establish a respected niche in the world of reality television shows by appearing in the show for a staggering 41 episodes alongside Lisa Hochstein, Marysol Patton, and other famous tv personalities. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Andriana De Moura’s pay for the show was $75K each season.

She has earned money in addition to RHOM by starring in popular series such as Sobe: Role Models. She also has a role in the upcoming film Apollyon, which is planned to be released on February 28, 2020, and is expected to significantly increase Adriana De Moura’s net worth.

Income from Art

Adriana studied Art and Culture in Florence and at the Sorbonne Institute in Paris, which few people know about. So it’s no surprise that she’s a prominent art curator with a focus on Brazilian culture. She has visited museums in more than forty countries around the world since graduating. For almost a decade, the actress, who speaks five languages, has worked as an art dealer. In Miami, Florida, her art gallery is located at 4217 Ponce de Leon Blvd (2nd floor).

Adriana De Moura art gallery
Adriana is a successful art curator. (Source: Pinterest)

Adriana’s art gallery exhibits modern art from young artists from throughout the world. She is the curator of a show that includes paintings, sculptures, drawings, and even live performances. Adriana De Moura must be making a lot of money as a creative art dealer.

Modeling and Activism

Adriana is a lot more than a fiery and brilliant Brazilian. She enjoys playing the piano and is passionate about animals, as seen by her signing up to be PETA’s first Brazilian spokesperson. She was ecstatic to get the opportunity to represent a group of creatures who are frequently forgotten in the anti-cruelty movement.

Adriana De Moura modeling, PETA
Adriana De Moura is also an activist. (Source: Getty Images)

She has modeled for Brasilus magazine and walked the runway during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in 2015 in Florida, in addition to appearing for PETA. Adriana De Moura’s earnings are sure to have skyrocketed as a result of this.

Early Life

Adriana De Moura is a Brazilian native who grew up in the country. She is multilingual, speaking five languages: Portuguese, French, English, Spanish, and Italian. She received her education in art and culture in Florence and at the Sorbonne Institute in Paris.


De Moura began appearing on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Miami in 2011, and she was a prominent cast member for all three seasons. In the years leading up to her television career, she worked as an art gallery manager. For a PETA campaign, she once posed naked.

Adriana De Moura net worth
Adriana De Moura’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million. (Source: Getty Images)


Adriana De Moura’s Instagram proves that she is a well-heeled celebrity. The fashionista frequently posts photos of herself on the go, grabbing a cup of coffee, and other times, a simple photo of herself on the beach.

Adriana’s spouse, Frederic Marq, is a hotel developer and interior designer from France, and the couple married on May 17, 2013, after dating for five years. Now, the pair is raising their son, Alex, whom Moura welcomed with her ex-husband, Roberto. Adriana and Frederic Marq have never been involved in any scandals or breakups because they live together.

Adriana De Moura's mansion, lifestyle
Adriana enjoys a pretty comfortable life. (Source: Getty Images)

Adriana De Moura’s husband, Adriana De Moura, listed her 2,795 square foot Spanish style property for $5 million in 2018. She eventually decreased the price by $100,000, but we’re still not sure if the house was purchased. However, there have been allegations that Adriana De Moura, her husband, and son are planning to refurbish a 1920s motor yacht with the intention of settling in once the work is over.

Adriana may enjoy the sun in Miami until then, and with her incredible talent and expertise in the television industry, she won’t be without work for long. The more parts that come her way, the more riches De Moura will amass.

Quick Facts

Birth Name: Adriana de Moura

Birth Date: November 26, 1965

Net Worth: $10 million

Occupation: Reality Television Star, Actress

Known For: The Real Housewives of Miami

Spouse(s): Roberto Sidi (-2006), Frederic Marq (2013-present)

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