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Friends, I am telling my story to you Kunal. This is my first story on Nonways Story.com, I used to read in those days in 12th. I used to study in Ballia. My class was very boring by the way. But studies were very good. Gayatri Mantra was first in the morning, then there was prayer. Used to study very tight. All of them were gents teachers. All the boys and girls used to talk about studying from morning to evening. In this way, we were living a very lonely life.

Then a few days later our computer teacher got a confirmed government job somewhere. In his place, a new Hema Miss came to teach computers to the 12th. Friends, what a wonderful thing. Always wore a transparent chiffon or net saree with sleeveless blouse. Friends, I think I was most obsessed with my Hema Madam. My LND used to stand on seeing them. I used to get out of my control. His blouses were very deep from the front and back. Just felt that if Hema madam meets in private then take her tightly.

Some boys of my 12th class were crazy after them, but I was the most crazy. On seeing them for the first time, after coming home, I closed the door of my room and closed my eyes and hit the mouth after taking care of Madam. Friends, this is how I started thinking about Hema Madam day and night. I was completely mad for them. Every day my attraction to him started growing.

One day I hid in my school girls toilet and started seeing every girl moot. But luckily I got caught one day. I was presented in front of the principal. The girl whom I had seen chhul nhungi moote moote made a written complaint to my principal. My mother was called to school.
Sister!! Your boy has fallen into bad company. He sees the girls of the class hiding in the toilet. We have to rename it! Otherwise, our school will be very bad because of this! Principal told my mother

My mother started crying. She started talking about not removing me from school with folded hands. I was very ashamed of my work. Then Hema Madam came there and saved me.
Sir, children do this in their teenage years because hormones are produced in their body. Kunal will not do this from now on !! Hema Madam told the Principal and saved me that day. Now I have become more devoted to him. Now day and night I would remember them and kill them. One day my mother spoke to Hema Miss on the phone.

They were offered 5 thousand every month and Hema Miss started coming home to give me tuition. Friends, now my five fingers are covered in ghee. The young madam woman whom I used to think and used to hit the road, today that beautiful lady was teaching sitting at a distance of a few inches near me. I couldn’t believe for a week that it was a dream. Before the arrival of Hema Madam, I used to brighten my face with soap so that I could get handsome.

One day my hand touched his hand. It was very hot.
Ma’am !! Do you have fever?? I asked
No Kunal! The body of a woman is so hot !! Madam.
Then one day I found him alone and held his hand. Even today Madame wore a yellow chiffon sari. His blouse from the front and back was quite deep. His gold mangalsutra was stuck in the middle of his cleavage. Tight and chiseled nipples were peeking out from inside the pale yellow transparent blouse. When the fan walked, Madame’s lap was flown in the middle, then her white smooth waist, her flat skinny belly and her very intoxicating navel was seen. Friends, I swear by God that I used to feel that I once fell them to get Chod, even if not in jail.

I just held Madame’s hand in this dilemma.
What is this, Kunal ?? Hema Madam asked
Madam, I like you very much. I want to marry you !! I said
The next moment I got a sharp slap on my cheek. Madam went home without saying anything. That night I knew that Hema Madam would never come to teach me now. When she did not come to teach at my house for the next 7 days, my mother called her. Hema Miss said that I should go to her house and study.

Scared, I went to his house the next day at 5 in the evening. the door was open. I went in. Hema Madam was still wearing a cream color chiffon saree. She looked like a fairy. The same sleeveless blouse was still there today and was deeply strangled. Understand that the back was completely naked. Were the cuttings that his blouse looked outward. Once again my LND was standing. But I controlled myself. I was afraid of Madam.

After some time, Madam herself held my hand. I started trembling.
Do not be afraid Kunal !! Come, come to me !! They hugged me like a child. I was surprised. I wanted to fuck him then why is he considering me as his child ?? I started thinking
Look Kunal !! do not fear! What you wanted to do at your home, you can do here ?? Hema Madam Boli.

Friends, I could not believe it. Madam herself grabbed my hand and placed it on her chest. There was a big hot chest. Then Hema removed her face from chest. I began to see triangular milky samosas. I dared to face Hema Madam. She was looking at me with meaningful eyes. With great difficulty, I got my eyes on Hema Madam, a woman 10 to 15 years older than me. She was going to fuck me in her eyes. So I also started fucking him in the eyes.

I do not remember when I hugged him. We both hugged each other. This day was the most beautiful and memorable day of my life. We both wanted to fulfill our physical needs. We had caught each other. Syed Madam would not be fucking for many days, then she was giving me a chance. His husband also used to teach B.Tech in Patna in a private university. Every 15 days Ballia used to come to fuck Madam.

Syed Madam will be of 25 26 now, Kadak was a mall, she was very young, she wanted to be Chudwana, that’s why she gave me this golden chance. Friends, I have concluded the same. I started kissing Madam in throat, mouth, lips, everywhere. Madam was fully supportive. My confidence increased. I began to kiss Madame on her lips. Oh: how different was the smell of their breath. Settled in my nose. I opened the clip of Madam’s link. Silky black hair was shattered. I became thirsty for his youth.

Unprecedented beauty !! Bop ray !! Such beauty, such drunkenness, beauty, slim body, no fat at all, I hooked Hema Madam to the chest. Looked at their lips and tucked their lips in their lips 1 2 3 times, then started to drink their lips. Madam must also be wondering whether she has got a very good monk who is drinking every single drop of her dew. Friends, I will never forget this scene in my life. I started drinking his lips with my mouth full. Both of us were overheated.

Ma’am! Not having fun like this !! Take out the saree !! I said
Madam removed her sari in front of me. My college died. A new young beauty was giving me the juice of my youth. When Madam came near, I shivered. Went on the run and closed the door outside. The room in which we were, was also closed by law. I did not want anyone to feel the wind about it.

I again got very excited and started kissing and licking them. We both got on the couch. Madam sat down on the couch and lay back down. I started kissing them all over the place. My hands started moving on their cuttings. Bop ray !! May I not die of their youth. I thought. I opened the buttons on Madam’s blouse. Fired him. Was in a white bra. I now put him on the couch because it was impossible to sit and drink his mother. Hema Madam was lying on the couch, I lifted her white bra up lightly and the spongy trio emerged.

Without delay, I filled the samosas in my mouth and started drinking. Uffff !! It tasted so sweet. Fresh soft gosh, a soft creamy piece of meat such as chicken tikka or malai tikka. Resided that I cut it off with a tooth. Then Hema Madam’s second mother also drank. By then Madame herself opened her bra hooks by putting her hands in her thin smooth back. I started drinking their breasts comfortably. He used to drink with one hand and used to press and caress Mamme with the other hand.

During this time, both of us became very angry. I opened and fired Madam’s petticoat slogan. Even though she was 32 34, even today, she did not look any less than a chhamiya. The young girls of my school also failed in front of them. I kept looking at Madam’s very smooth cut marble legs. Bop ray !! White like milk. I removed the petticoat. Removed panties too. When Madam turned her hand on her pussy, the hair of the pimples began to be formed. Actually, he had made jaunts a few days before, so light pegs came out very lightly.

I repeatedly wagged on her pussy and stroked the pegs and started having fun. Then I started drinking his bur. Bur was busted. Sayed his husband will fuck him. I started drinking his badness with kindness and sincere dedication. Turning his tongue round and round, Hema started drinking Madam’s pussy. Then she became completely hot. I took off clothes and moved LND to their bur. LND comfortably entered his bur. I started fucking my madam.

I had previously duped many girls. Now, an older woman gets different pleasure in fucking herself. You feel that you are able to take big women very well, you can handle them too. The pleasure of fucking her on the couch with her Hema Madam was just unprecedented. The vault of his form was opened in front of me. I was robbing them of all the treasure of beauty, all the gold. It was a memorable day in my life. My LND was quite thick 7 8 inches. I was going to pay dearly to Madam. Madam did not give me the sight. She had closed her eyes. Sayed was ashamed. You are reading this story on Nonways Story.com

Then that moment came when I fell into her vagina. As soon as I pulled out LND, some goods went in, some came out immediately. Madam wiped her bad with her panty. Uffff !! Was their creamy bur Madam now sat on the couch and started sucking my LND. I also gave a lot of kisses. After some time, I stood again. I put Madam on the couch on her stomach. 2 4 soft pillows filled under his waist. Hema Madam’s backyard emerged in front of me. At first I played a lot with both his soft rubber balls. I also licked their gand. Then I reintroduced LND into their burrows.

Hema Madam’s bur looked a lot more beautiful in the middle of her rounded pockets from behind. In this way, there is also tightness in taking the teeth from behind. I began to fuck him with his smooth back. It was a great experience. Then slowly my LND caught pace. I held both the bangles full of Madam’s hand and started driving the horse. Many bangles of his hand were broken in his hand. Uffff !! I got a lot of tightness in fucking my madam from behind.

I thought I was fucking a new lover. After half an hour of hard work, I left the goods in their bur. As a teacher, I respected him. He did not die. A few days later they told me that she was going to be the mother of my child. He did not tell his husband anything about me. Told him that this child is his own.

Teacher Sex, Teacher ki Chudai, Sex with Madam, Madam Sex, School Sex Story

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