Student ki Gulabi choot ki chudai story

Student Teacher Sex Story : Hello friends, I welcome you all very much to Nonvej I have been its regular teacher for many years and no such night goes when I do not read its sexy stories. Today I was listening to you my story. Hope you like it very much. My name is Aarti Yadav. I live in Sultanpur I am 21 years old.
My height is 5 feet 3 inches. My body is very fair. My hipp is out. My pussy is very smooth and fair. My cheeks are like a red tomato. My boobs keep banging bouncing. Seeing my boobies like oranges, children, old men, all want to suck it up and have fun. Only a few people have been able to see my pussy till now. I am still young now. My boyfriend has given me many times with his little return. Fuck Has My friend was 18 years old. Since then Chodkar used to quench the thirst of my pussy. But now I have grown up. Many boys keep following me. Seeing my sloppy ass, he keeps speaking up and down. I too enjoy to fuck. Boys are eager to fuck me. In front of my beauty, the teacher also salutes his cock. The teacher also touches me as soon as I get a chance. Many teachers suppress my boobs. Friends, I come to my story now.
Friends, I am a middle family girl. My father has his own business. I’m just two sisters. My sister was married. She lives with her in-laws. I do not have any brother My father sent me to Kanpur for preparation. I was preparing in Kanpur for a year. A year later I had to prepare again. But because of the situation of the house was not good, my father was asking me to come home. I refused to come from my father. The next day I went to the office of Director Sir. On seeing me, the head of the director was left open. They asked me to sit in the chair in front of them. I told all my problems to Sir. His name was Atul. Atul Sir was staring at me staring. I was very afraid. They said your fee can be forgiven. But I have a condition. When I heard his condition, I got shocked. They had called him to his house that night. I could not understand anything. After thinking through the night, I reached Atul sir’s house at 8 o’clock in the night. Atul sir was waiting for me only. There was no one at his house other than Atul Sir. Told you atul sir.

Mother Dad lives on the village. If they were not married yet, no one else was at home. Taking me in, Atul sir started asking me to fuck him. He said I have a thirst for many days. You quench my thirst for fuck, I will forgive your fees. I begged Sir but he kept saying the same thing. I also felt like fucking. I was staring atul sir’s taut cocks with pajamas. Atul Sir Kaka Lund looked quite big and fat. I said yes to Atul sir. Atul sir caught me in his arms and lifted him up. Kiss me on my cheeks while holding me. I too started desperate for sex. Atul sir was kissing me from my cheeks to my throat. I was pricking Atul sir’s cock. Atul sir was kissing me standing up. Atul sir was licking his lips with his lips. I was also supporting Atul sir. Atul sir was holding my hair and kissing my lips, kissing me. Sucked my pink rose-like lips and made them more pink. I was also doing a tremendous smooching of Atul sir’s lips. Atul sir was enjoying a lot. They were sucking my tongue in my mouth. I also did like Atul sir. I also started sucking from her lips to her tongue. Atul sir started pressing his hands on my boobs. I started to feel more sex now. Atul sir was hitting my ass from above.

Atul sir was pressing me while pressing my cunts. Sometimes they would press my boobs loudly. C… C… C… C… S… S… would come out of my mouth. Atul sir went to my bedroom and laid me on my bed. Climbed on top of me. Kissing my aunts. Atul sir kissed my pussy from above the jeans. I was slowly getting hot. What made me stand up. Atul sir removed my t-shirt. I wore a white t-shirt and blue jeans that day. My ass looked bulging in jeans. Atul sir looked at the tight cunts in my tight bra. I was looking very hot in a black bra. Atul sir started looking at me in bra. You are looking even more sexy. You must be a porn star. Atul sir started caressing my aunts. Atul Sir’s trunk started touching my hand with cocks. Atul sir got excited and started kissing my aunts. I filled my nipples with bra in my mouth. Slid my bra straps back and started opening my bra hook. My bra hook was stuck. Atul sir kissing on my back. Removed my bra. Atul sir came in front of me and started drinking my sweet juice. My fairies were squeezing the juices of my nipples like white butter.

I was enjoying it very much. I was also caught by Atul sir. Atul Sir was cutting my brown nipple while drinking my chinchio. As soon as I cut the nipple between them, I came from my mouth. . Atul Sir was drinking my tea well. My pussy was now itching intensely. I was putting my hand in jeans, finger in pussy. Atul sir removed the belt from my jeans. Opening the button of my jeans, removed my jeans and put me in panties. Seeing me in panty, Atul sir was very excited and hurriedly took off his pajamas and threw it. His cock was erect in the underwear. Looked like the underwear would just jump out of the tear. Seeing the big fat cocks of Atul sir, my pussy started to be washed from inside. I started worrying about my pussy. Atul sir took out my panties and started sniffing. Atul sir’s cock used to bounce in the underwear as soon as my panties were sniffed. Atul sir opened both my legs and saw my pussy.

Seeing my pussy, he broke down to lick. Like when dogs get broken by looking at the biscuit. Atul sir was licking my pussy with his full tongue. Like if I have chocolate on my pussy. Having great fun, licking my pussy was sucking. I was skipping hot breaths. I was pressing Atul sir in my pussy. Atul sir used to drink my pussy well as soon as he pressed me. I had to give up my pussy juice. Which Atul Sir was waiting for. Atul sir wiped all the licking and cleaned it as soon as my pussy juice came out. Atul sir was putting his tongue in my pussy and doing a mat of pussy. Atul sir was playing by pulling the grain of my pussy from the lips by holding it. I was enjoying it very much. Atul Sir was licking my pussy licking. I would have lost my life as soon as my pussy was cut. Atul sir was putting two fingers in my pussy. Both of them were torturing me with their fingers inside and out. Atul Sir was repeatedly licking his fingers in and out of my pussy. Removed all the goods of my pussy and licked it. I also took the brief of Atul sir. Then I saw Atul Sir’s Alore. I used to see such big and fat cocks only in blue films. Today I was very happy to see him in real.

Atul sir gave me his Aloda. I started moving her lode back and forth. His Aloda got bigger and thicker as soon as he saw it. I started sucking the alope’s head in my mouth. Atul sir grabbed my hair and inserted more aloda than hat in my mouth. I was sucking alore like ice cream. In between, she also used to kill. Atul sir too was getting excited about Chodne. In my mouth, you were putting your cock inside. Atul sir’s big thick cock was going inside my throat. My breath started to swell. I took the cocks out of my mouth. Was breathing peacefully. At that time, Atul Sir littered me and spread my legs. Shake your big cock and move towards my pussy. My pussy started getting dhukur dhukur. Rubbing my cock on my pussy. Were heating my pussy more. Atul sir was rubbing his hot cock very hard on my pussy. My pussy was now ready to eat his fat cock. I was very hot There was no sound coming out of my mouth. I grabbed their rubbing cocks with my hand and started putting them in my pussy. Atul sir understood that I am desperate for Chudwane. He rubbed his cock on my pussy. Tried to insert my cock in my pussy. My pussy was very tight. His cock remained outside. Today, playing with small cocks, my pussy was facing big cocks today. My pussy was torn as soon as I saw the cocks. Atul sir put a little bit of oil on the bed on his cock and a little bit in my pussy hole.

Even after applying Atul sir’s oil, the attempt to put cocks in her pussy was going in vain. After getting angry, Atul sir pushed hard and this time my pussy was torn. The head of his cock penetrated my pussy. I loudly said “Mommy … Mommy … CCCC-ha ha ha … Head of cock was penetrating my pussy. Atul sir’s cock was penetrating inside my pussy. My pussy was shrinking. I was rubbing my pussy with my hands in pain. My pussy pain started reducing. Atul sir was completely penetrating his cock in my pussy. Now I was enjoying it very much. Atul sir’s big cock continued to rip my pussy. My pussy was torn to the point of coming to Atul sir’s cocks. My pussy was taking the entire cock of Atul sir inside. I also woke up and was getting chudwa. Atul sir was also fighting both his bullets in his ass tons. Now I was having fun in the pain of pussy too. Atul sir was pushing me on the floor. Atul sir woke me up.

My pussy started hanging. Put your cock in my pussy from behind and start fucking me. My pussy was dropping its water again and again. Due to my wet pussy, his cock used to penetrate quickly. I was biting my lips with one hand and pressing my cunt. After eating Atul Sir’s Aloda, itching of my pussy started calming down nicely. I was kissing by saying “am uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Atul sir was tearing my pussy and making it filling. My pussy Chodte Chodte suddenly put my cock on my ass hole. Atul Sir started to insert his cock in my ass. After so long the pain of pussy had just relaxed. That he wanted to give one more pain. I refused, he did not agree. Inserted my cock into my ass. Now tearing my ass as well with pussy. I shouted again loudly. “Ohhh mother — ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Atul sir tiredly lay down. Made me sit on my tower like cocks. I was slowly getting my ass killed. As soon as the pain subsided, I started bouncing on his cock. I was taking Atul sir’s entire cock up and down. Atul Sir was killing my ass with his hands raised. I removed the cocks from my ass and put them in my pussy. Then I lay on top of Atul sir, started lifting my waist and started fucking me. Atul Sir got up and picked up one of my legs and started fucking me.

Atul Sir’s Chodne speed was increasing. Atul Sir quickly lowered my leg and made me sit. Muth was touching my aunt. Atul Sir’s Aloda started to flutter. He put his cock in my mouth. Hot fresh hot stuff dropped in my mouth. I drank all their goods. Atul Sir lay unhappy and lay down. Stung me too. We both had a lot of fun throughout the night. My fee was also waived. Atul Sir kept me in his house. We both live like husband and wife. I now play with Atul Sir’s cocks everyday. I now enjoy sex every day. How did you like the story, do give your comments on non-veg

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