सर ने मुझे खूब चोदा, गांड पर मार मार कर, मेरी चूत को पानी पानी कर दिया

Friends, I welcome you all on Non Veg Story.com. I was stuck with Kuldeep sir of my maths for the last several years. I still remember the day when I went to BSC first year. In college, I saw Sir for the first time only in class. Kuldeep Sir was exactly Salman Khan. He was a teacher by profession. But what a lot of body was made. Just then I started liking him. In those days, how many girls used to die on the head. Somebody she wanted to make love, some one wanted to fuck her. Somebody wanted to suck their Alore in the mouth. But everyone was shy. Somewhere to get Kuldeep sir not a girl, I sewed 4 deep-necked suits and started to sit on the seat in front of him.

Slowly, whenever I was in class, my cool used to watch round and round umbrellas. My mummies were clearly visible from the neck of my suit. Gradually Kuldeep sir got attracted towards me. Then I started going to his house to take BSC’s tuition. I also told you I love you sir. Then friends stopped me after class was over.

‘Sarina! Why do you see me all the time ?? ” He asked with great affection

‘head !! I love you very much You are so handsome and beautiful that my eyes do not turn away from you ‘I said

Kuldeep sir started laughing. Then he held my hand and kissed me. Hugged me. ‘Sarina !! You are also a great commodity. I love you ‘said to Sir. After that, we both hugged for a long time. Initially, Sir was taking me a little kiss on my cheek, but slowly he and my hesitation ended. Sir took me inside his house. Taken straight to the bedroom. I was wearing a yellow salwar and pink color suit and dupatta. Every day, I used to show my mamme to the head and in my heart I would say please give me Chod! Please give me a fuck. But today my wishes were going to be fulfilled. Sir pulled my scarf by hand and removed it and kept it aside. From the neck of my suit, my very precious property started showing my 2 very beautiful mamme. Sir laid me on the bed.

Put my lips on my hot hot lips and started drinking with vigorous mouth. How long did I like Kuldeep sir. How many days did you like sir. Sprinkled his life on them. For how long I wanted to fuck her. But today that dream was going to turn into reality. Kuldeep sir was drinking my lips. He was filling my breath in my breath. I loved it very much. Today he was drinking my lips with his precious lips. I had done everything in his name. I wanted to marry him. I wanted to fuck her tightly. Sir was drinking my lips very loudly. Then his hands started going to my balls like round balls. He started putting his hands on my mummos everywhere. I started feeling very good. Enjoyed a lot. Then, from the top of my pink suit, my mumme started pressing like a round ball. Gradually, his hand became heavier and heavier. And then a time came when all of me understood my personal belongings and started pressing my pigeons very loudly.

‘Sarina !! You are so beautiful! I have never seen such a wonderful girl like you! I have not seen the same goods as you till today. Your pussy will be very pink and cool ‘Kuldeep sir said

‘Take me today sir. You fuck me with all my heart. From today on, consider my pussy as your pussy, ‘I said

After that, my mother started pressing harder and harder. My mummies were nothing less than a carved gemstone. There were exactly 360 degree goals, very smooth and soft like cotton. Kuldeep sir had become very hot and thick. He could not keep up with them. He wanted to suppress and drink my mamme not from above the suit but from inside. So friends, he removed my pink color suit. Opened my bra. The goods that Sir wanted were in front of him. Beautiful balloons of my problem were in front of him. Kuldeep sir became furious after seeing my milk-chestnuts. My balls started pressing harder with hands. And then started drinking. Today I saw my milk after a long time. I really had very beautiful pigeons. Kuldeep sir started pressing my milk very loudly. ‘I have not seen such a beautiful mother till today. I have a lot of classy girls in my class, but among them, you are the most beautiful, ‘sir said.

Then he became silent and filled my milk in his mouth and started drinking. He was drinking my milk after hopping. He was also pressing hard with his hands. Friends, where sir was getting a lot of fun, I was also enjoying a lot. I was going to fuck with my teacher. ‘Drink Sir !! You drink all my milk today !! All is free for you, ‘I said. Sir Hapur started drinking my nipples while uttering a voice. With his help, my beautiful black nipples of Kali Kala Bala stood up and went tingling. The same friends were in bad shape. My pussy was getting wet and flowing. My smooth smooth sticky material started flowing from my pussy. Kuldeep sir hapar was drinking well both of my umbrellas. Now it was too late.

By feeding my breasts to my math head, my round umbrellas had grown even more and had grown. I had become very hot and kissed at this time. It is true that at this time I wanted to fuck tightly. Sir’s teeth were buried on my soft nipples and his hard nipples. I was asking her to drink slowly. But they were not agreeing. I was drinking and pressing too loudly. ‘Sir, fuck me now! Will you drink milk all day ??? ‘ I said. But sir, I was still crazy about my umbrellas. They were not even taking the name of leaving my breasts. Then he left my mother with a great smile. He does not know which craze he has. With sharp teeth like my knuckles, my stomach, navel, and smooth smooth shoulders started biting loudly. I started enjoying a lot. They started molesting me. Then Sir came to my tree and started cutting the tree. Then Kuldeep sir removed my salwar and panties.

I was completely naked. Like a book page opened in front of him. Sir overturned me. Started caressing my round buttocks with my hand. Then my white legs started munching like a mouse with their sharp teeth. I started getting very strange kind of happiness. Sir started chewing my buttocks very loudly. There was a lot of happiness. Then Kuldeep sir put his hands on my long smooth back with great affection. They started kissing all over the place, kissing with great affection. Then suddenly Sir started doing what he was obsessed with. With my sharp teeth like mice, I started munching on my smooth smooth butter like a soft back. Friends once again, I started getting very strange and strange kind of happiness.

Kuldeep sir sometimes mimicking my shoulders and sometimes my buttocks. Not only this, they started munching on the area between the two tendons as well. I drowned in the ocean of happiness. Then Sir overturned me. With my tongue started drinking my round deep sexy chudasi navel. Then they came on my pussy.

Oh hey, look at this, Sareena !! Your pussy is flowing like a pot of milk, ‘Sir said. He immediately took a picture of my pussy from my mobile and showed it to me. Really friends, my pussy was flowing like a pot of milk. Sir put his mouth on my red Bhosade and started drinking. All the goods came out of my pussy, all the Makkan, they enjoyed and started drinking. He did not let a single drop go waste. Lapar started drinking my pussy while running lips. I had not even kissed a single time yet. Sir was working hard and drinking my pussy. Then he stripped himself. Put my thick and very beautiful aloda on my pussy and hit it hard. My pussy seal was broken. Kuldeep sir started fucking me. This moment was a special moment in my life. Because the way I saw my head, it was decided on the same day that I will definitely eat their Aloda one day. I thought about this, friends.

And today the day had come when I was eating the Aloda of my best teacher Kuldeep sir. Sir, I started to fuck after knocking me, then my eyes started opening and closing. Sometimes chudwate chudwate my eyes would open, sometimes I would close. I lifted both my legs up in the air and started fucking me with pleasure. Sir humk humk kills me. ‘Sir Chodiye sir !! Swear to you your mother! If you could not fuck me well then you would be so infamous in the entire college, so sir, humming loudly, fuck me !! Fuck me by knocking Aloda in my pussy !! …… If you are born with the same father, then fuck me like a prostitute !!! ‘

In this way, the head got a little angry. I started to get caught like a vagabond. ‘Le Moll !!! Today, eat your Guru’s Aloda with full heart! Till the life is alive like a prostitute!… After death you don’t know if you get a chance to fuck me or not. His magnificent, vigorous and lively bumps made my pussy water. The hot, thick, sticky material started flowing from my pussy walls, its round rings, which made Kuldeep sir’s aloe very smooth. Due to this, the aloda of the head began to slide in the long hole of my pussy. Sir, I started fucking like a prostitute. Then they held me tightly with arms, arms and legs and held them in their hands. And so many started banging that my mother got sucked, my mother and sister became one. Sir cracked loudly and kept banging, then after 10 minutes, I fell into my pussy.

When he got his very beautiful aloda, even then the atomizer was missing from him. I quickly took Kuldeep sir’s Alore in my mouth and started drinking his Aloda with fun. This moment was the most beautiful moment of my life. Then sir hugged me. Took me in the arms and started kissing. ‘Sarina !! I have eaten many of my students till now. But I have not seen Nazneen like you till today. I will fuck you now, I will give you a bit of cum in your pussy everyday. ”Sir said.

‘head!!! I also like you very much !!…. So I will come to read tuition from you every day and I will give you pussy every day! ‘ I said. Kuldeep sir once again started drinking my soft innocent pink lips. After some time, Hamdono was back in season.

‘Sarina !! My dear, you have not sucked my Aloda! ‘ Sir said

‘Bring my Aloda, I’ll suck it!’ I said.

Kuldeep sir lay directly on the bed on his back. Once I got Chodne, his Aloda wilted. I started with their white blonde thighs. His knees and hands started caressing her hands. Then his black black bullets started to be picked from his throbbing fingers. At the touch of a young Chudasi girl, Kuldeep sir’s bullets started blooming again. I was rubbing his pills. My cool white touches were on the feet of the common man. Then friends, I took Kuldeep sir’s coarse bull-like Alore in his hand and started to whip it. The bullets of the head were small, then large, then slowly started blooming. After a few intervals, I filled the head of Alore in my mouth. My lips were very beautiful. On the lips, I applied bright red lipstick, which started to appear on the head of the aloe because at this time I was sucking her aloda in the mouth. Then I shook my head very loudly and started drinking the head of Aloda. His suppada was very beautiful. It was absolutely red. I started sucking the head of aloda like a desi prostitute. After some time my hard work paid off. Sir’s Aloda stood again. I started sucking Kuldeep sir’s aloda with more diligence and hard work.

His Aloda is very sweet. Was a very tasty I was happily hopping and drinking his Aloda. After some time, due to sexual excitement and sex, the head of the Aloda became very hard like stone. Sir made me sit on my Alore and once again I got Aloda in my pussy and started fucking me. I started doing disco dance on the thick strong aloe of my beloved Kuldeep sir. I was a little lighter than the head. He was eating me as he wanted. According to the wishes, Sir started raising me on his thick alore. Once again, I started fucking my head. My sweet red pussy started hitting me sweetly sweet. My soft precious umbrellas started bouncing in the air. Because I was banging on the head of the head very loudly.

Kuldeep sir started caressing my soft breasts with his strong hands, started touching and then pressing. Then he started fucking me very hard. After that, friends, till I am not as happy as this, Sir keep hitting my pussy every day. Then they felt so callous to my pussy that they could not live without me even for a second. Then he married me. You are reading this story on Non Veg Story.com.

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