मेरे स्टूडेंट ने मुझे चोदकर मेरे सारे अरमान पूरे किये

Hello friends, I welcome you all very much to Rameshwari Pathak at Non Veg Story.com. I am a married woman. I watch sex videos and free new videos in free time Fuck I like to read stories A friend of mine told me about Non Veg Story, since then I read Mast Stories here everyday. Today I am listening to you my story. I hope that everyone will like this story. This is a true incident that happened in my life.

I am a resident of Kota and I am a professor in Kota University here. I teach mechanical engineering. I am a very beautiful and young woman. I am a very hot woman in terms of sex and I am always on the lookout for new cocks. My husband divorced me due to this abusive habit and now I live alone. Every year, I threaten my class boys and call them at my house and they fuck me tightly. I arrange cocks in this way. My luck is fast that every year new young boys come to my university to study and I have no shortage of cocks. Today I hear you telling my true story. In the BTech batch of 2015, a very handsome boy came to my class to study. His name was Dev Kapoor.

His father was a resident of America. Her mother had a love marriage with her father when she went to study in America. That is why Dev also looked completely blonde and also Hindustani, because his mother was a Hindustani. Dev Kapoor came to my class and started studying. Gradually I started to like him very much. He looked like an Englishman and looked like a prince. 6 feet tall blonde. Gradually, he started liking me and I fell in love with him. One day I invited him to my chamber. I used to be very strict with the rest of the students, but I fell in love with Dev.

“Madam… .. Why call me ??” Dev came to my chamber and started asking. I could not understand how to tell her that I have fallen in love with her and wanted to fuck her tightly.

“Come on Dev… please sit !!” I asked him to sit

“Look, if you don’t understand a chapter, then you come to my house.” I want good marks to come in your exam. Here is my phone no ..! ” I gave my card to that handsome boy. My home address and phone were not written in it. I kept thinking throughout the night that I wish that Dev Kapoor would fall with me and I would fuck him tightly. What a hot and handsome boy he was. I was thinking of that again and again. Thinking 3 times in the night to my student dev, I put my finger in my pussy and put it to the mouth. Every time I had a lot of fun. I was in love with my student. But he did not come to me for 1 month. Then a few days later he came to my house on Sunday. He rang my doorbell. I opened the door. Sapne Dev Kapoor stood up. Father,… how much handsome it seemed, John Abraham seemed. I was feeling that I was embracing him and kissing him with my lips. I somehow managed myself.

“Good morning… ..Rameshwari ma’am.” I have to ask some questions in mechanical, will you tell me ?? ” Dev asked

“Ha ha … why not?” How long have I been waiting for you !! ” I said and I took her to the lobby. He was my lover, he meant a lot to me, so I was very happy to see him. I sat him for 6 hours and told him all the questions very well. He became very happy. Gradually this trend started and Dev started coming to my house often. One day I gave him a rose flower.

“What are these flowers for, ma’am?” Dev said

“For the hottest, handsome and sexy boy of my class !!” I said

Dev started blushing. I asked her if she had any girlfriends. So he said that this love is a useless thing and he does not want to spoil the time in all these things. One day when Dev was studying at the study table in my house, I pretended to fall. Dev came to save me and I hugged him. I was wearing a pink saree and deep neck from the front and backless blouse from the back. As soon as Dev tried to pick me up, I clung to him and started lying to excuse the pain.

“Dev …… Please pick me up in the dock and take me to the bedroom .. I won’t be able to walk !!” I pretend

Like an obedient disciple, he lifted me up on his lap and took me to the bedroom. Uffffff was such a beautiful moment that my lover, my lover, was carrying me in my lap today. When I came to the bedroom and started putting me on the bed, I suddenly clung to her and started kissing her cheeks and lips. My student was surprised.

“Madam …… ??? all of this…??”

“Dev … it’s true that I love you. Please do not refuse. Otherwise my heart will break !! ” I said. After that he too agreed and lay on the bed with me and we both started kissing. I used to beat every new boy like this by killing emotional dialogue and eating his thick and lush cocks. In a while, Dev’s eye fell on my deep-necked blouse. My beautiful, big and smooth smooth milk was visible all over and was hidden only in name. I was a 30-year-old Gadarai woman and today I was going to eat the thick cocks of my disciples. I had Dev lying on me and with his lobes I added my lips and we both started drinking each other’s lips. I was very happy that Dev had taken my offer or else I would feel very sad.

We started kissing each other with lips.

Friends, my lips were very beautiful. My lips were just like any fresh rose petals. In a while, Dev too fell in love with me and he too had lost his passion for sex. His fingers were on my lips and touching her. For a long time today, he enjoyed watching a beautiful chudassi woman like me from near.
“Madam…. You will never get to fuck me, I never thought !!” Dev said
“Sweetheart…. Now you are not my student, my friend and my sweetheart. All my beauty is just for you. Today, you eat me whole pellet !! ” I told my student. After that, he became more jaded and pressed my juicy lips with his fingers. Then he put his lips on my lips and started drinking my lips with fun. Today I was going to fuck my student tightly in my own house. We were slowly getting excited. We had a hot kiss for a long time. I took my tongue out and put it in Dev’s mouth. He started sucking my tongue. I started getting a special kind of pleasure, Chudai’s intoxication was slowly rising. Then Dev put his long tongue in my mouth. In this way, we both started sucking each other’s tongues.
I became cuddly and intoxicated. Uffffffff… .what is happening to me? Earlier, I had given a fuck to many students and kissed them on the lips, but never had so much fun. But today I was feeling strangely intoxicated. Today I wanted to fuck my lover tightly. For half an hour we both sucked each other’s lips and tongues. Meanwhile, I opened my blouse myself and removed it. Then I opened the pink bra too. My student dev was mad at my beauty. Dev started drinking my milk.
Without delay, Dev took my mother in hand and began to know her size. My milk was very beautiful, the umbrellas were full, curvy and round, like the one who had made a woman like me sitting in a free time and made me fit. My light umbrellas were stretched with hot. Large red circles like pomegranate were made around my nipples on the chest of umbrellas, in which I was looking very sexy. Dev’s eyes were fixed on me. Rapidly she took control of my juicy throbbing pussy and grabbed both mummos with both hands and started pressing and mashing loudly.
“U U U U U U… aaaa aaaa aaaa… ccc c c….” I shouted very fast. My student started pressing my milk like a horn. I was also having a lot of fun. Then he lay down and took my milk in his mouth and started drinking. I was moved. Just like I got heaven.
“Madam !! .. you are such a hard-bitten person that once the man sees you, his Aloda will immediately stand up and he will consider you only by fucking him” Dev said. I liked that. He again lay down on me and after hopping, he started to drink my spiked extremely cummed pussy in the mouth. He turned out to be very naughty. He was biting and drinking my pointed umbrellas. I was also in pain, was also getting excited and was also having fun. ‘Dev… .. Please suck my coconuts comfortably !! Suck it easy !! ‘ I said. But it did not affect him. He was in his tune. I was drinking loudly like my white girdle, cutting my teeth very hard with my teeth. He had become very fussy. If he had just walked, he would have eaten my umbrellas. He was pressing my juicy breasts very hard and used to turn his tongue on the nipples and was drinking. Friends, this game went on for a long time.
Now my favorite student was going to fuck me tightly. He removed my sari, then started putting my hands here and there on the top of my petticoat. My pussy was hidden in the curtain of my petticoat and then inside the panty. My student dev started touching my pussy from above my petticoat and started putting his hands on it. I was getting excited.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh… .EEEEEEE… ohhhhhhh… Ai..i..i…. Ai..Mummy… ..” I sobbed loudly. Dev started fingering my pussy on the petticoat. I closed my eyes in fear. I was afraid. Don’t know how he chooses me. I wish today he would be so upset with me that he would give me a bad condition today. This is what I was wishing for. It was clear that today I wanted to eat the lush cocks of a boy who looked like a handsome John Abraham. Today I wanted to open my heart. Dev’s hands continued to finger and finger in my pussy for a long time from above the petticoat. I loved it very much.
Dev grabbed the edge of my pink petticoat and lifted it up to the thighs. My bare legs started showing her now. My bare legs were very beautiful, smooth and milky. I was feeling a little bit ashamed. Dev had only and only lust in his eyes. Rubbed me and I had a lot of desire to fuck him and sat in his mind like a poisonous snake. Meanwhile, his hands ran on my naked smooth legs and stroked here and there. It was amazing when my student lifted my petticoat above the knees. He got a glimpse of unmatched thighs like my beautiful Barfi. My knees were very beautiful. Dev’s hands went up through my legs and knees and reached my naked thighs. I sobbed and started to swear. “… Mummy… mummy…. C c c c .. ha ha ha… .. uu…. U… u… uh… unhu unhu… ..” That’s all I got out of my mouth. His hands were caressing my smooth light thighs. I was burning in the fire of lust and lust.
Dev lifted the tip of my petticoat up and down and kissed my smooth thighs with his lips. I was feeling very good. He started kissing my white thighs all over the place and he kissed thousands of people and rooted them on both my thighs. I shuddered This laundress will take my life today, I thought. For a long time my student Dev kissed, sucked and drank both of my beautiful thighs. I was desperate to fuck her. I was crazy to eat his thick lush cocks. Today I was going to fuck tight. Dev opens the slogan and also removes the petticoat. I was wearing pink panties. My big pussy was clearly visible from the top of my panty like a big seal. The cotton cloth of panty was buried in the middle crack (valley) of my pussy, due to which the shape of my succulent pussy was clearly visible from the top like a trace paper. Dev once licked my pussy from the top of the panty, then he also removed it. Hi, now I was completely naked in front of my student. Out of shame, I started hiding my pussy, but Dev grabbed my hand and removed it from the pussy.
After all Dev put his cock in my pussy and I started fucking. I also started fucking with fun. With his quick fuck both of my lips opened repeatedly and closed again and again. He was paying me very hard. I really loved it. It was a lot of fun. There was a lot of intoxicating rubbing of my student’s flame. I was getting a lot of happiness, friends. The 23-year-old god hatcher was torturing a 30-year-old woman like me. My whole body was trembling and dancing on his thick long pole. It seemed like he was running an engine by putting it in my pussy. He was working very hard on my evil. He was fucking me by hutching. Just like he used to put his Aloda in my bur, I used to give Aloda with a lot, I used to move 29 inches ahead. Then as soon as that aloda came out, I used to come back 29 inches. He was laughing loudly and making aloda out in my bur. This process continued for hours. He choada me 3 hours and dropped the goods in my pussy. After that we lay down and fell in love. You are reading this story on Non Veg Story.com.

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