प्रिंसपल से चुदवा कर मैंने अपने बेटे का एडमिसन करवाया

Hello friends, I welcome you all to Riya Mathur on Non Veg Story.com. I am a resident of Dili. I am about 28 years old, and I am married. Before marriage, I was very hot and sexy in appearance. If a boy saw me once, he would think of me once. The boys used to think about my nipple and pussy after seeing my face. Anyway, my big eyes, red carrots like carrots, thin and creamy like juicy and soft lips, any one would look down on me. And my mother was quite amazing, it seemed that there is a medium sized big lemon. Quite soft like cotton and soft too. Once touched, do not even feel like removing your hand. And my pussy was a virgin for a few days, but I fell in love with the love of a boy. When my boyfriend first fuck my pussy, then my pussy was torn and my pussy was starting to bleed as well. Then my boyfriend explained to me. When for the first time Fuck If you break the seal, then blood starts coming out. After that, I did not fuck anyone, and did not even give anyone a line, but many boys were behind me. Many boys used to roam back and forth in front of my house. Many times my father used to ask many boys why you are roaming here. So those people used to pretend that I am waiting for my friend.

My marriage has been seven years and after my marriage, my husband quenched my fuck and thirst for my cocks for two consecutive years by fucking my pussy. But in the second year I became pregnant. I had a boy nine months after that. I named him Sameer. Gradually our son grew up. Now he is going to be five years old. Now was the time to get her educated for her studies. I wanted to teach my child in the best school in Delhi. So that it can grow into something. I did not want him to grow up and wander.

A few days ago, I applied for the education of my son in five more schools along with Shri Ram School Vasant Vihar in Delhi. But his name did not appear in any school. Then my husband’s friend introduced me to a broker, he said – “You will be able to help me when there is any other work to tell me”. I said ok My husband’s friends left. Me and my younger son were sitting with that broker. He was craving me, I notice him, he was looking at my mummo again and again and stroking his cock with his hand. You are reading this story on Non Veg Story.com. I thought that this Syed is thinking about my sex.

I told him – “You will get my son’s administration done.” So he said – “Yes Madam this is our job but you also have to work hard with me”. I told him – “I will do what you say but my son is admitted”.

Then he said to me – “See, I take the most money, but I like you very much and I want to take you to my bed.” I will not even take money from you and make you administer it ”. I got angry after listening to him. I told him – “What have you done to me, I am not a prostitute, who will go to your bed at the behest of you.” And here I am, in some way, I will get it done by Edmison.

The next day I came to know that the principal of that school, who is a drunkard and a bribe, he administers. I also reached to meet her the other day. I said to the Principal there – “I will give you whatever money you say, just admiration of my son”. The principal there was young to see, I saw that he was also looking at me and seemed to be in a very mood. I said – “Sir, if I were somehow, I would have come up with great hope”.

So he said – “Don’t worry, just think about sending your child here. But before that, let me tell, I take three lakh rupees at most, but I will make some discount for you. You only give me one lakh rupees and together I want to play with your body. If you want, give me as much as I have said and administer your son or go home. And if you want, take a day’s time too. But to tell by tomorrow ”. I was very angry to hear her, but I left her quietly.

I thought about it all night, I thought if there was no other chance, then I thought that I would do anything for my son’s Adamson. I called the school principal in the morning and told him – “I am ready.” He said to me – “Okay come to school today”. You are reading this story on Non Veg Story.com. And coming alone, I told them – will leave the child alone. So he said okay bring him along too. I said ok i will come I reached his office. I filled up Sameer’s form. After that Principal Amit Mittal said, “Come with me to my pham house, he will complete his fuck.”

I accompanied my child to Amit’s Pham House with him. She gave some toys to my child to play and both I and Amit went to her bedroom.

He quickly took off his clothes, and laid me on the bed. At first, Amit removed the pallu of my saree, and while stroking my mammo, started moving his hand downwards from my nipple and kissing my waist while stroking my waist. I was feeling good but after marriage it is a sin to fuck with another man but for my son, I committed this sin. After some time, when his whole mood was gone, he rubbed his mouth in my mammo and started drinking my lips while drinking my throat. He licked my lips with his tongue and started sucking my lips and was stroking my waist while caressing my mummos. Due to which the flame inside me erupted and my body became hot due to the heat of my body. I too got excited and hugged Amit like a couple of lovers and started drinking his lips while caressing his body. Now we both started drinking each other’s lips with great fun. Amit was pressing my mammo while cutting my lips to make me more excited. I was getting very much nervous and I started clinging to her more tightly and started to drink her lips more lovingly.

After drinking the lips for a long time, she removed my saree. Then he started to open the button of my blouse. And my smooth and soft nipple was slowly appearing. After blowing out the blouse, he also removed my black bra while kissing my mummo. Amit was happy after seeing my white mammo. He said to me – “Wow, your mother is very white and soft too”. He pressed my mummos like animals before, which was hurting my nipple and I was sobbing slowly. You are reading this story on Non Veg Story.com. Then after some time he started licking my boobs with his tongue and in a short time he started drinking my mummo with his mouth full. He was trying to suck my milk sucking my mammo’s nipple, but now milk does not come from my nipple. Amit was drinking and pressing my mammo repeatedly. And I .. Ahhh Ahhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! But a lot of fun was coming.

After drinking my mammo for a long time, he opened my petticoat slogan while drinking my waist and threw it out. Then she gently pulled my panty and that made my pussy look a little bit. After some time he removed my panty and seeing my bur water was coming in his mouth and his cock was getting more erect. He started caressing my pussy with the fingers of his hands and then slowly put his fingers in my pussy. In a while, his fingers started going deep inside to measure the depth of my pussy. He was putting all his fingers inside my pussy and when my finger goes inside, I would start moving him inside so that I was going crazy with sexual arousal and mashing his mammo… Ahhhhhhhh… Ohhh… Ohhhh… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …. Unhu unhu ha ha si…. I used to scream. I was in a bad condition in a while, I was screaming painfully, but when the water started coming out of my pussy, then I got some relief. But Amit was still constantly fingering my pussy, due to which water was continuously coming out of my pussy. When the water was coming out of my pussy, it seemed that there was a current running in my body and there was a twitch in my stomach which was spreading throughout my body.

After some time, after getting out of my pussy water, he grabbed his cock very quickly and started to bang his cock on my pussy while meeting the pussy hole. With which I would get up and start mashing my mammo. You are reading this story on Non Veg Story.com. Then he put his cock in the first time and put it in my pussy. I felt that my life should not be removed. His thick cock began to fuck my pussy. In a while, my cock started getting out inside my pussy. Due to which his waist was fighting in my waist and the sound of chut chut chut chut was coming. He was constantly putting his cock in my pussy. When Amit’s cock went inside my pussy, there used to be a rub on the edge of my pussy, whose pain was very intense and… aaaaaaaaaaaaahh… .EEEEEEE… ohhhhhhh… ai..i..i… .iye… mummy… .. Please, please… .. .. I was screaming.

After some time Amit took out his cock and then started kissing me. After kissing for a while, he again came in a separate pose to fuck my pussy. He himself lay down and asked me to sit on his own. I was equal to his cock, he first put his cock in my bur and then started to lower my waist. Gradually, he started putting cocks in my pussy fast. After some time, I started getting down on my own and I started enjoying it too. I used to get his cock inside her pussy. Due to which Amit used to go crazy.

After fucking me for a long time, he put his cock in the middle of both my mummos and pressed my mummos and started sucking soon. He felt his full strength was fucking me in the middle of my fingers. After some time, sperm started coming out of his cock and made my mouth and throat white. I was disgusted. But Amit forcefully licked me. The taste found on licking is good.

Even after Chudai, she played with my mummo and pussy for a long time. Then he said to me – “I will not take a single rupee from you if you give me warm bed once every week”. I refused I said – “I will give you money”. And if my husband comes to know, he will drive me out of the house.

In this way, I paid for the admiral of my son from the school principal. You are reading this story on Non Veg Story.com.

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