दर्द के मारे चूत फटा जा रहा था और अंकल जोर से घुसा रहे थे

Hello my dear friends, Seema !!! I am an eighteen year old girl. Today I too am going to narrate my story to you on nonways story.com. This is my first story and this is my first Fuck is. And this story is not too old but this afternoon, so today I am posting this story. Because I also want my story to reach you. There is only one reason for this. Why do I also read your stories daily on Nonvej Story.com. All the stories on this website are very hot and sexy. And whatever story is posted, most of it is sent by women. So today it is my turn to make your Aloda stand and if the women are studying then their pussy gets wet.

Now I come directly to the story. I am a resident of Jaipur, I live in Vaishali Nagar. I study in college. My mother and my younger sister live in my house. I am doing a computer course along with my studies and this course is said by my father’s uncle, Uncle ji, to whom both our sisters are learning the same. I visit them every day. He has a wife and a child in his house. Friends Uncle is very good, I like him very much. And the reason for liking is that both my mother and father are of old opinion.

They allow me very little to get out of the house. Neither give the phone nor let the internet run. So I find myself. When no boy is found, no boyfriend will be found, then anyone will have to work. The same situation is with me as well. I have started loving Uncle from my heart. I am always lost in his memory. Even though he is 25 years older than me, even if I do. Initially, Uncle did not pay attention to me, but gradually he started getting attracted towards me.

And one day she filled me in her arms when Antti was not at home. He started kissing me and covering me in his arms. This was my first feeling with which man. He used to hold my cunts too. He then started to put his hand in my panty but I did not like it and I got separated and said again sometime. Friends went home that day after that and then came on the second day but on the second day Antti was in the house because of this nothing much had happened. But Antti is not found as soon as she went to his house this morning. She has gone to Ajmer. So he was alone in the house, he took me in his arms.

And then started kissing and licking, I was drunk because they had warmed me up. He was drinking my cunts, was pressing his lip lock, was stroking my ass and slowly removed all my clothes. I became naked, his breath had intensified, even my breath had started moving vigorously. My lips were getting dry and I was taking emblems again and again. I could not handle myself, I spread my legs on the bed.

They started drinking my cock. Started caressing my pussy. He had short hair on my pussy, he was stroking it with his finger and in the middle bitch, he was taking finger in her mouth and then taking it in his mouth. And were having fun. Then they separated my legs and put my tongue on her pussy, friends, because of their tongue, I became restless, it felt like my whole body ran into a current. I licked and now it seemed that when they apply tongue, I will feel the same way. They now held me vigorously. And tightened both my legs tightly and who again put a tongue on her pussy, this time I could not do anything and I handed myself to them, they were peaceful within five minutes.

Now my sizzle started coming out with fun. I was pressing my lips with my teeth. I was feeling very good. It seemed as if I was in heaven. Friends, he moved his tongue and hands in my entire body, he made me sexier. My pussy was blazing and dropping water. My pussy had become very wet.

Now he took out his fat Aloda and applied it on my pussy. But my pussy was virgin, there was no hole. He first saw my pussy well and then spit in the pussy as well as on the land. And then set on the pussy hole, friends, I was feeling crazy, it seemed that she was not able to do it. He did slowly but did not go into his Aloda mood. They failed again after failing two or three times. He inserted the whole aloda in my tight pussy.

But there was a splash of pain. I started crying due to pain. They started caressing my pussy. And then slowly started to move in and out. I was moaning in pain because it was hurting a lot. But Uncle started to penetrate very slowly. Now they got faster and quickly got in and out. My whole body was shaking. And they were pushing on the blows.

But after five minutes I got excited. I had now opened up and now started to kiss them and started kissing her chest and started to rotate her ass round and round. Now the real fun started happening. Chudai’s, now started to fuck Chudwane. He fuck me in two or three ways and I also fuck very hard and then he fell, I had already settled down.

Then I dressed in water and came home. When I came to sleep, I heard these stories from you. There is still pain in the pussy but there is a pain in the fun. I will never forget this feeling and I request you to visit this website every day and have fun. No good website by nonways story. Why don’t you when I read myself? Soon I will come with another story and stay there everyday.

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