एक्जाम के पेपर पाने के लिए मुझे अपने सर के लकड़े से चुदना पड़ा

Hello friends, I am very welcome to Santoshi, all of you at Non Veg Story.com. I have been a regular student of the non-veg story for the last several years and I do not know any such night when it is juicy Fuck I do not read stories Today I am listening to you my story. I hope that everyone will like this story.
I am a resident of Meerut. I am very fair and beautiful The wood around my house calls me goods, goods, items, totes and what not. I know very well that he likes me very much and my cool, he wants to drink and my juicy burr he wants to fuck. When I come out of a road, boys look at me again and again and they start loving me. How many boys get murdered by my one smile and their hearts jump out. Everybody wants to talk to me and just want to find an excuse to meet. All I want to do is to fuck and eat once. Friends, this is only a few years ago. I was doing B. Tech from a college in Meerut and I took mechanical engineering but for some reason I could not study in my first semester.

I used to have liquor and sex parties in my hostel night and night, and used to fuck the college boys all night. In the same way, we did not know when they had fun for 6 months. When the exam dates arrived in college, my ass broke. All my friends used to have fun, used to party but also studied, but I just kept having fun. 4 days later, the first semester of my first semester was about to begin, but I did not remember a single chapter. Seeing the thick books, I was sweating. My mind was very bad how I would pass in the exam. After 2 days I met Paresh. He was the boy of our mechanical head, Cherian Sir. Seeing him, I immediately got the idea that he could steal his father’s paper and give it to me.

“Hi Paresh ???” When I smiled and called him, he immediately came to me.

“Oh hi Santoshi !!” How are you ??? ” He said

Then I asked him if he could give me the stolen paper made by his father. He became very serious on this. His father, Cherian Sir, was a very tough-tempered professor and everyone was very afraid of him. He never used to joke. He was also very frightened by Paresh, the boy of Cherian’s head. At first, he too refused to steal the exam paper, when I requested a lot from him and when he told Paresh that I had not read anything and I would fail in the paper, he agreed to help me but he asked me to Ask for pussy

“Ok Paresh !!” I will give you my juicy pussy. Please bring me as much paper as you want and give me paper of Pleaam exam. That evening, when Paresh went to Cherian Sir’s study room, there was a lock. Now the biggest problem was how the key to the locks was found. Cherian Sir used to keep the key of that lock under the pillow of his bed. Paresh apne papa at 12 o’clock at night [चेरियन सर] When he went to the room, he was sleeping snoring loudly. If he had caught Paresh stealing the key, he would have beaten him a lot. Because he was a very hard-hearted teacher and especially hated copyists. Paresh sneaked into his father’s room at night and waited. As soon as Cherian turned from head to side, Paresh took out the key from under his pillow and entered the study room. He got an envelope in which Cherian Sir had made all the exams paper and kept them sealed. Paresh uprooted the seal with the help of a tweezers and took the photo of all the papers from his mobile. Now he had all the papers. Paresh met me in college in the morning.

“Why did Paresh work ???”

“Yes, it’s done, I stole this paper for you by playing on my life.” Now give me pussy !! ” He said

“Okay Paresh!” Tonight you will come to my hostel and take me and take my mobile, ”I said

He came to my room at night. Friends, today the boy of Cherian’s head was going to fuck me tightly. But instead I was going to get exams papers. So I was very happy. Paresh caught me and started kissing. Friends, I was a young blonde girl of 22 years and many boys used to die on me. I loved to have sex and I used to love eating new cocks every day. Today, Paresh, the boy of Cherian’s head, was going to loosen my pussy. I was wearing a loose blue colored top and shorts. Paresh came to my bed and started kissing me. I was a very thin and slim body girl. My figure was 37 32 30. My milk was very beautiful. It was just like a coconut that was pointed at me.

Slowly Paresh removed my loose top, then removed my shorts. I was in a bikini. Then Paresh caught me by the shoulders and started kissing. Slowly I also started kissing her, she started to mouth my sexy lips and started drinking. I was feeling very good. Then I also started supporting him and we were both sucking and drinking each other’s sexy lips. I had sex with many boys before, but I had never had sex with Paresh. Today Chodkar was going to give me the papers of Exam. Paresh was kissing me with great love. I was wearing a black bra. Slowly Paresh also removed my shorts. Now I was just in front of her in bra and panty.

“Santoshi!” You are very beautiful !! ” Paresh was telling me again and again. He was kissing me on the cheek again and again. When he put his hand in my back and started opening my bra, I felt ashamed. Then finally she took off my black bra and then removed my panty too. Cherian Sir’s son Paresh took off all his clothes and was completely naked. He came to my bed and started kissing me. In this way I felt strange to fuck with Paresh. But what to do. To get the exam papers, I had to eat his cocks. Which was very important. Slowly Paresh was kissing me on the cheek. I hooked her to the chest and the heat was heating up. Then Cherian Sir’s son Paresh put his hands on my kohinoor-like mammo. I was like “U U U U U U …… aaaa aaaaaaa… ccc cc… .. o u… u… u…” Started speaking.
I was having a strange intoxication of sex. Paresh’s hands fell on my beautiful cream-like milk. He was slowly suppressing my colorful pigeons. I was a slim skinny hot sexy and slim girl. On my body, there was a lot of where there should be. Like my Chuche was 36 ”big and round white smooth. Paresh was mad at my milk. He was pushing my beautiful boobs. He was feeling good. Then he started drinking my salty boobs. Paresh took my attractive cream pills in his mouth and started drinking. As if there was a fire in my body. I was going crazy. I was completely naked in front of her. Paresh was repeatedly stroking my hot and sexy body. I knew that today he will fuck me tightly. I was also rubbing her back, shoulders and waist with my hands.
Slowly Paresh started sucking my tits with great force, as if I am his mother. He chewed my milk with his mouth and started sucking it with fun. This game continued for a long time. I would drink my milk, then my lips, then milk my father. I was completely chudasi now. Both my round and round juicy pussy had become even more tight and it had become very big. Paresh pressed my milk very much by hand and was minja. He twisted and twisted my black nipples with his fingers. He had full enjoyment. After that, he wanted to kiss me with his ९ “Aloda”.
“Santoshi !!” Suk my dick ”Paresh said, I laid him straight on the bed and started licking his cock in his hand. Oh my God, how big and fat Aloda was of sisterhood. I started hurrying with Paresh’s Aloda in my hand. Then started sucking in the mouth. Paresh started caressing my waist. His hands were caressing my chubby buttocks. We both were enjoying it. Then Paresh started fingering my pussy. Here, I was sucking her ९ “Aloda in the mouth. I was lying on my stomach on Paresh’s feet. His cock was really very thick. I was quickly getting her hand whipped and sucking it in the mouth. Paresh’s supada was very pink and looked beautiful. I licked his cock like an ice cream for 20 minutes. He kept stroking my legs and twisting his hand on my pussy.
“Nineteen — now quickly make me drink my pussy !!” Paresh said after getting drunk for sex. I liked his cheeky abuse. Paresh lied to me and opened both my legs. He started kissing my sexy navel and he kept on tongue for a long time. Then Paresh came to my pussy. He was stroking my pussy for a long time. Then I started licking my mouth with my mouth. He was quickly licking my pussy with the corner of his tongue. I’m “…… oy… oy…. Oy …… oy… .ssssssssssssss …… uhhhhhh… .. oohhhhhhh….” She was screaming after speaking. Paresh was licking my juicy pussy in a big way.
I held both his hands tightly. Because I was feeling that my pussy might not get torn. Paresh was an expert guy in licking pussy. He was drinking my pussy like a dog. As if there was a fire in my pussy. I was going crazy. I held Paresh tightly with both hands. He was licking my pussy quickly and was not taking the name of stopping. I was shouting out saying “.. Ahhhhhhhhh SCEEEE…. Aaaaaaa… .aaaa… ha ha ha”. I was raising my ass. Then Paresh, the boy of Cherian’s head, put a thick aloda of 4 ”on my pussy and started rubbing on my pussy. I was feeling very sexy. Then he put my fat Aloda in my pussy with gossip and I started fucking Chodne.
I started fucking Paresh like a prostitute. He was having hot sex with me. I closed my eyes and quickly started eating Paresh’s cock. I was having a lot of sex. Paresh had grabbed the wrist of both my hands tightly so that I could not run away and was feeding me very quickly. I was just shouting out “I… ..I… .. Ahhhhhhhh… .. c c c c…. Ha ha ha…”. Then Paresh started banging his waist and playing me. His cock was slipping quickly into my pussy. I was enjoying paradise. It seemed that Paresh got a beautiful girl Chodne for the first time today. He was seducing me.
His Aloda was tearing my pussy with fun. I was fucking Cherian Sir’s son was fucking me. I was feeling very sweet and sweet. Then Paresh folded both my legs and put them on top of each other and again he put cocks in my Bhosade and started fucking me. This is the way Paresh fiercely licked my pussy that night. I was addicted to sex. “… .. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh… Tear my pussy today and make it full of tears Give me more tightly Chododo do do do Paresh !! ” I was screaming loudly like a prostitute. Then Paresh too got excited and I felt like an altar. He had folded both my legs and put them on top of one. His cock was moving in my pussy quickly. In this way, he dropped me in my hostel room 3 hours that night in my pussy. Chudwakar Paresh sent me all the photos of the exam papers on WhatsApp. And I passed by a good number. How did you like the story, do give your comments on non-veg story.com.

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